We started Gemonex with a simple belief: Parenting is hard, but shopping for your child shouldn’t be.

It Started with a Mama on a Mission!

Gemonex was started by Sidra Munawar in 2013, a mom who wanted affordable, modern and stylish baby dresses and couldn’t find them. Gemonex was born when she took it upon her self to create and design dresses for 1st birthday of her daughter. 

The reason behind creating dress herself was “difficult to finding the right dress and style for her daughter”. She decided to solve this problem for moms.

What does Gemonex Mean?

When it was time to name the brand, “Gemonex” was the perfect match for our new adventure. The brand name combined with two words, “Gem” and “Next”. The name carried positive meanings like Gems are precious just like our kids, and in most of countries, parents called their children “My Gem”. The “Next” represents the next level and latest style for our kids.

My goal is to be over a trendy clothes-line and a cool brand. I hope to inspire mothers, and future moms, not to sweat the small stuff, live in the moment, keep perspective, and follow your own dreams. You only have one life to live, keep enjoying it!

Sidra Munawar


No Child Labor. Ever!
Our garments are just made by adults that are working by choice and treated well.
Safe Work Environment
Our workshop was created which ensures work conditions that keep everyone’s health and safety in mind.
Fare Wages
Above-standard wages are paid to each employee so they could provide for their families.
Capped Work Hours

Employees are restricted on the number of hours they can work per week & are allowed vacation time and holidays.

Have an idea for how we can continue to do good?

We’re constantly looking for ways to create a direct impact in the lives of our children. In case you have an idea, we would love to hear about it.
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